Sunday, April 13, 2008

Five Essential Browser Add-ons

IE Tab: If you use Firefox as your primary browser, you probably get stymied occasionally by Web sites that don't look right in its windows. Don't fire up Internet Explorer {which maintains a separate history and won't have your bookmarks}; instead, use the IE Tab plug-in to instruct Firefox to temporarily use Internet Explorer's rendering engine. IE Tab resides in the bottom right corner of your browser. Click theFirefox icon to switch to IE mode and vice versa.

Duplicate Tab: Want a Copy of the current window you're visiting, complete with the history of that browsing session? IE users can accomplish this without having to install and use a plug-in: Press -N to open a new window with the entire history of the current window: For Firefox users, duplicate Tab Lets you obtain such a history with a single shortcut key stroke; or you can use the tool to merge multiple open windows into a series of tabs.

ErrorZilla: The standard "server not found" page is useless if you're looking for a Web site that's gone AWOL. ErrorZilia adds a series of buttons to the bottom of the standard “Firefox can't find the server” message, providing instant access to the Wayback machine, Google Cache, Whois lookup, and more.

Inline Search: IE users can obtain search as you type functionality that works the same way it does in Firefox with this free simple extension.

Extended Statusbar: this plug-in supplement the data that Firefox provides about a web page and your Internet connection, providing such details as the total size in KB) of the page, the transfer speed and the toad time.

*.* Source of Information : April 2008 PC World

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