Saturday, May 17, 2008

Windows Vista Edition

Unlike previous versions of Windows, which came in one or two basic flavors, Vista comes in a whopping five flavors—each offering different features and an entirely different price tag. As you can imagine, making this choice can be daunting. This chapter, however, will help you decide which version is right for you. Regardless of whether you are upgrading an existing computer to Vista or shopping for a new computer with Vista preloaded, this chapter will help you make the best choice.

As you might have already discovered, there are five different editions of Windows Vista you can choose from, which are summarized in the following list:

Home Basic: Includes only the new basic features and is best for light home use on PCs meeting only the minimal system specs.

Home Premium: Allows home/small-office PC users to take advantage of new effects and enhancements to the desktop and special mobility and entertainment features. This edition is best suited for newer PCs that exceed minimum system specs and for those users who use their computers daily.

Business: Comes with better backup and restore features than home editions; however, instead of the entertainment applications, it includes more business applications, such as Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Fax and Scan.

Ultimate: For power users in homes and businesses, this edition provides even better data protection tools and desktop enhancements. This edition is a good choice for those wanting the business features without sacrificing the entertainment applications.

Enterprise: Includes additional tools and features specifically for large businesses with complex computer and technology systems. This edition of Vista isn't realistically available to consumers; it's only available to Volume License customers who have PCs covered by Microsoft Software Assurance.

*.* Source of Information : Que 100 Things You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Vista

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