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Configuring Gaim

Instant messaging is a popular Internet communication method based on the quick exchange of text-based messages. You contact another person — your buddy — and type a quick message. The other person sees your message and responds in kind. The exchange shows up instantly on your screen.

Gaim is an open source instant messenger (IM) application that lets you chat on your Ubuntu computer through these message services:
• AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, the Gaim default service)
• MSN Instant Messenger
• Yahoo! Messenger
• Jabber
• Google Talk

The name Gaim is unusual in a world filled with technical acronyms. Gaim is not an acronym. According to its creators, Gaim doesn't stand for anything but freedom (an open source application that helps the world communicate).

Configuring Gaim
To use Gaim, you must
• Tell Gaim which IM service provider to use.
You need an account to use an IM service. If you don't have an account for an IM service you want to use, go to the service's Web home page and sign up.

• Provide your IM username and password.
Gaim uses the information you provide to log in to the IM service provider. When you're logged in, you can communicate with other people who use that service.

There's no limit to how many IM service providers you can use. Just register with the IM service and then configure Gaim to use it. After you've registered and configured it, you can start up a separate instance of Gaim for each service.

You can configure and use Gaim when running Ubuntu live from an Ubuntu CD-ROM (or DVD). However, any configurations you make won't be saved after you reboot your Ubuntu computer. All settings are saved when running Ubuntu from a hard drive.

Registering with Instant Message services
Let's start by starting Gaim, configuring its basic stuff, and connecting to an IM service provider:
1. Choose Applications --> Internet --> Gaim Internet Messenger from the GNOME menu bar.
Two windows open:

2. Click the Add button in the Accounts window.
The Add Account dialog opens.

3. Click the Protocol drop-down menu and select your IM service provider.
The default service provider is AIM, but you can choose from any of the other available ones.

4. Type your screen name in the Screen Name text box.
You'll be known as your screen name while chatting.

5. Type your screen name password in the Password text box.
You can select options to simplify startup and stay in touch with Gaim.
If you want Gaim to remember your password, select the Remember Password and/or the Auto-Login check box. If you want Gaim to notify you when you receive a message to your IM provider e-mail account, select the New Mail Notifications radio button.

6. Click the Save button.
Control returns to the Account window.

7. Click the Close button.

Your screen name and alias are displayed in the Account drop-down menu in the Gaim Login window. You're ready to chat.

Adding other IM services
If you want to add an IM service to Gaim, follow these steps:

1. Open Gaim by choosing Internet --> Gaim Internet Messenger from the GNOME Applications menu, if it isn't already running.

2. Click the Accounts menu (from the Buddy List dialog) and select the Add/Edit option.
The Accounts dialog opens.

3. Click the Add button.
The Add Account dialog opens.

4. From the Protocol drop-down menu, select an IM service provider.
For example, select Yahoo! to chat with people using Yahoo! Messenger.

5. Type your screen name, password, and alias in the appropriate text boxes.
You must use the screen name and password that you selected when registering your Gaim account with the IM service provider.

6. Click the Save button.
The Add Account dialog closes and your settings are saved.

7. Click the Close button in the Accounts dialog.
The Accounts dialog closes. Now you're ready to converse with people using the particular IM service.

Source of Information : Ubuntu Linux For Dummies

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