Monday, February 9, 2009

If Ubuntu and Other Linux Distributions Are Free, How Do They Make Any Money?

There are many different ways that companies who distribute GNU/Linux operating systems can make money. Ubuntu, for instance, provides an annual support subscription for users of Ubuntu. While many of the problems a user may encounter can be solved by visiting a forum or chat room, businesses and schools that run Ubuntu often want immediate answers. Support subscriptions can be purchased for desktops, servers, and thin client or cluster support. Users also have the option of purchasing 9:00 to 5:00 support or 24/7 support packages. Canonical also provides users with a marketplace where Ubuntu clothing and accessories can be purchased. Remember, not all GNU/ Linux distributions are free as far as cost is concerned. Certain companies do charge for enterprise and desktop versions of their operating system software. This software is usually reasonably priced and still allows users to modify the code to better suit their use of the software.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Osborne Media How to Do Everything Ubuntu

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