Monday, February 16, 2009

Request an Ubuntu CD

If you choose not to download or for some reason cannot download Ubuntu, you can request that they send you a copy of the CD. Select Get Ubuntu from the link underneath the picture of the four people lying side by side. Select the Request Free CDs tab shown here: and another page appears that informs you that shipping free CDs will not cost anything, not even shipping and handling fees, however, delivery time may take up to ten weeks. They are not lying about this; it can take quite a while, so they do offer the option once again to download Ubuntu.

If you select I Want To Request CDs Of Ubuntu, a page appears that asks you to log into Launchpad, a collaboration tool used by Canonical and Ubuntu. If you have requested free CDs from Ubuntu in the past, you can log in and submit another request. If this is your first time obtaining Ubuntu CDs, then you will need to select the Create A New Account link.

Once you reach the Launchpad web site, you are asked to submit your e-mail under the Not Registered Yet? heading. Enter a valid e-mail address and click the Register button so that Canonical can send you the rest of the registration steps. Almost immediately after registering, you can check the e-mail account you provided for a link to finalize your registration.

After clicking on this link, you are brought to a page where you select your display name and password. After this is completed, the Request CDs From ShipIt page appears, where you can now log in using the e-mail address and password chosen at registration. All you have to do now is fill out your shipping information and click the Request CDs button. You are given the option of requesting one CD or three CDs. You should choose three and give a few of your friends copies of Ubuntu so they can try it out as well.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Osborne Media How to Do Everything Ubuntu

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