Friday, February 20, 2009

Updating Ubuntu with Update Manager

New versions of Ubuntu are released every few months. In the meantime, new updates are continually being prepared for particular software packages. These are posted as updates you can download from software repositories and install on your system. These include new versions of applications, servers, and even the kernel. Such updates may range from single software packages to whole components.

Updating your Ubuntu system and packages has become a very simple procedure with Update Manager, a graphical update interface for APT. You can update your system by accessing software repositories supporting APT update methods.

The Update Manager applet on your GNOME desktop panel will automatically check for updates whenever you log in. If updates are detected, the Update Manager icon on the panel will flash and display a message telling you the number of updates that are available. Click the Update Manager icon to start Update Manager, or choose System | Administration | Update Manager and click the Check button to check current repository package listings for updates.

All required updates are selected automatically when Update Manager starts up. The check boxes for each entry let you deselect any particular packages you do not want to update. Packages are organized according to importance, beginning with important security updates and followed by recommended updates. You should always install the security updates.

Click the Install Updates button to start updating. The packages will be downloaded from their appropriate repository. Once downloaded, the packages are updated. All the APT-compatible repositories that are configured on your system will be checked. To see a detailed description of an update, select the update and then click the Description Of Update arrow at the bottom of the screen. Two tabs are displayed: Changes and Description. Changes lists detailed update information, and Description provides information about the software.

Click the Install Updates button to begin downloading and installing updates. A dialog appears showing the download progress. You can choose to show the progress for individual files. Click that option to open a window that lists each file and its progress. Once downloaded, the updates are installed. Click Details button to see install messages for particular software packages.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Ubuntu The Complete Reference

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