Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ubuntu Nautilus Preferences

You can set preferences for your Nautilus file manager in the Preferences dialog box, which you access by choosing Edit Preferences. The Preferences dialog box shows a main screen with a side pane with several configuration entries, including Views, Behavior, Display, List Columns, Preview, and Media. You use these tabs to set the default display properties for your Nautilus file manager.

• The Views tab allows you to select how files are displayed by default, such as the list or icon view.

• Behavior lets you choose how to select files, manage the trash, and handle scripts, as well as whether to use the Browser view as the default.

• Display lets you choose what added information you want displayed in a icon caption, such as the size or date.

• The List Columns tab lets you choose both the features to display in the detailed list and the order in which to display them. In addition to the already-selected Name, Size, Date, and Type, you can add Permissions, Group, MIME Type, and Owner.

• The Preview tab lets you choose whether you want small preview content displayed in the icons, such as beginning text for text files.

• The Media tab lets you select default applications for certain media, such as music CDs or blank DVD.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Ubuntu The Complete Reference

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