Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AMDPlans DirectX 11 GPUs Soon

ADVANCED Micro Devices plans to deliver its first graphics processor with support for Microsoft's new DirectX 11 graphics API (application programming interface) later this year, the company announced in Junt'. This GPU promises to deliver more-detailed and more-realistic images on systems that support the technology.

AMD says it expects to beat competing graphics chip makers to market with the: feature. "It's the biggest inflection point in graphics in ten years," says Rick Bergman, senior vice president of AMD's products group. The new technology brings three major improvements to DirectX , AMD says. The first concerns a graphics technique called tessellation that lets gamer, designers create 3D models with much higher definition than before. The result is a much more natural look to the graphics. DirectX 11 also brings a new way to program the graphics drip. It's the ability to unlock the massively parallel capabilities of the graphics processor in different ways, ~says Bergman. Combined with Windows 7, it could be used to help programs run faster.

Source of Information : PC World August 2009

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