Monday, August 3, 2009

FEATURE Readers’ Choice Awards 2009

Favorite Scripting Language

bash (28%)
Honorable Mention
PHP (24%)
Python (19%)
Perl (14%)

The results of the Favorite Scripting Language illustrate the diversity of opinions on what is a scripting language. Although the prosaic workhorse bash (shell) wins the category with 28% of the tally, three other quite different languages follow close behind in the Honorable Mention category: the Webcentric PHP, the flexible Python and the Swiss Army chainsaw of programming languages, Perl.

Favorite GUI Remote Access or Network Computing Solution

SSH and X (40%)
Honorable Mention
TightVNC (14%)
rdesktop (13%)
RealVNC (12%)

Your inaugural choice for Favorite GUI Remote Access or Network Computing Solution is clear. SSH and X wins handsdown with a commanding 40% share of the votes. Meanwhile, a hefty chunk of you choose to go graphical, using variants of VNC, such as TightVNC, RealVNC and UltraVNC. In fact, if you add those three user groups together, you’re just shy of winning the category. TightVNC, rdesktop and RealVNC are all popular enough to share the platform for Honorable Mention.

Favorite Linux IDE

Eclipse (42%)
Honorable Mention
NetBeans (14%)
KDevelop (11%)

Yet another new category in this year’s awards is Favorite Linux IDE, which the ubiquitous Eclipse won commandingly and unsurprisingly with 42% of the votes cast. The fact that in Eclipse one can work in a lean environment and add and subtract an incredible array functionality with its myriad modules has closed the deal for nearly a majority of you. At the same time, the second largest vote-getter was “Other”. Clearly the Linux developer community cannot be pigeonholed.

Favorite Platform for Developing Rich Internet Apps

Adobe Air (21%)
Honorable Mention
Gears (18%)
JavaFX (15%)

When it comes to your Favorite Platform for Developing Rich Internet Apps (yet another new category for 2009), you are less decided than in the Linux IDE category. Although Adobe Air is the favorite of the most of you at 21%, you also are using Gears and JavaFX in solid numbers, 18% and 15%, respectively, among others. Mono Moonlight and OpenLaszlo also were close to the 10% mark. Will one of these tools break away to be the next Eclipse in a few years? Tune in to this space next year to find out.

Favorite Linux Game

Frozen Bubble (17%)
Honorable Mention
Doom (11%)

Tux Racer, also Planet Penguin Racer and Extreme Tux Racer (10%) With some barely perceptible percentage changes, the Favorite Linux Game category remains the same as last year, led by Frozen Bubble and with Honorable Mention going to Doom and the Tux Racer series. Besides being consistent, the Favorite Game category is characterized by having the largest share of “Other” votes, with 27%, and the wittiest comments. One of you commented “Keeping it old school with SCUMM[VM] games”. On the flip side, a surprising number of you also commented that you “have no time for games” or “don’t like games”. Meanwhile, this writer is wondering whether the many commercial game companies that now make Linux versions will ever break through with a runaway hit that could give Frozen Bubble a challenge one day.

Favorite Virtualization Solution

VirtualBox (32%)
Honorable Mention
VMware (30%)
Wine (13%)

We’ve been watching VirtualBox for a few years now, wondering when its popularity would finally match its technical prowess. Well, 2009 is finally VirtualBox’s time in the sun, as this year it toppled VMware to win Favorite Virtualization Solution. Last year, VirtualBox received roughly half the votes of VMware (20% vs. 39%). This year, VirtualBox won the matchup 32% to 30%. VMware and Wine, thus, took Honorable Mention honors. Xen fell just short of 10% of the vote.

Favorite Backup System

Amanda (16%)
Honorable Mention
Bacula (14%)
Simple Linux Backup (14%)

Once again, in the backup department we differentiated between comprehensive applications, or systems (this category), and specific utilities (see Favorite Backup Utility below). Regarding the Favorite Backup System category, most of you continue to prefer the same systems as last year, although the deck chairs have been rearranged a bit. This year, the opensource application Amanda took the victory lap, which Simple Linux Backup took last year. Still, the latter won Honorable Mention this year along with Bacula (yet again) for network-based backup. Favorite Backup System also has a variety of write-in votes with some variation of “roll my own solution”.

Favorite Package Management Application

apt (37%)
Honorable Mention
Synaptic (16%)
Yum (13%)
RPM (10%)

As the fate of Ubuntu and siblings slopes ever upward, so too trends the popularity of apt, the principal package management system for Ubuntu and Debian. Once again, apt, with 37% of the votes, is the clear and even more dominant victor as Favorite Package Management Application. More of you also are turning to Synaptic, the groovy front end to apt, to keep your system loaded with your favorite programs. The classic RPM (10%) and its amigo Yum (13%) declined slightly from last year, as more of you are leaving Fedora and Novell/SUSE in favor of Ubuntu.

Source of Information : Linux Journal Issue 182 June.2009

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