Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Host Free Conference Calls for Your Business

CONFERENCE call service, like most other forms of telecommunications, has be - come a commodity. You can save money by using one of many free options available. Though its name and URL may sound dubious, delivers on its promise of free basic service. Up to 150 people can join the call, which is ample headroom for accommodating nearly any situation a small or medium-size business is likely to encounter. You schedule the call in advance or set up an access number for an impromptu meeting whenever needed. Planned calls let you input a few extra controls; for example, the organizer can mute the entire group of callers. Either way, participants enter a (usually) long-distance number, supply an access code, and join the conversation. Participants can talk for 4 hours on a scheduled call or 3 hours on an unplanned phone meeting. The only charges involved are the relevant long-distance fees from your own phone company. sells upgrades to customers who need more features. For $9 per month you can get call recording or PC desktop sharing tools. (Getting both costs $18 monthly.) Or you can add either service to a single call for $6.50 per month each. If you want participants to be able to dial in to an 800 number, can set it up for you, but the host must pay 10 cents per minute per participant (the charges will appear on the host’s credit card). You might consider springing for those extra features in certain situations. But depending on your needs, you may fi nd that you can get by with the free service for most—or all—calls.

Source of Information : PC World December 2009

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