Saturday, April 17, 2010


DENX is a Linux consultancy based in Germany that does business worldwide and focuses on PowerPC architecture. The company’s deep knowledge in kernel engineering for emerging hardware means that people seek out DENX for hardware-related development. The company got its start by doing boot loader work, creating a widely used boot loader for embedded systems called U-Boot. Getting a boot loader up and running on a system is a tricky bit of engineering that’s essential to making the board able to run an operating system. In addition to creating the boot loader, DENX also does the early boot-time work necessary to get Linux running after the boot loader hands execution off to the kernel.

This deep knowledge of the Linux kernel means that DENX distributions frequently support new hardware sooner that what’s available in the general Linux kernel. DENX isn’t withholding code from the open source community; rather, it takes time for a patch to wend its way through the process for inclusion in the main Linux kernel. Unlike many companies, DENX makes available its commercial product through the Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK). The ELDK is a remarkably complete embedded Linux distribution that includes a root file system, kernel, and tool chain. Because DENX is focused on PowerPC, the company’s web site lists only PowerPC processors as supported; however, there are builds that aren’t officially supported by DENX for other architectures.

Source of Information : Pro Linux Embedded Systems

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