Monday, June 28, 2010

System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2010 is the first major update to Microsoft’s data protection product since DPM 2007 SP1, and it expands on that product’s core functionality around protecting file shares, Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Hyper-V. Oriented to protecting only Microsoft workloads, DPM 2010 integrates with the core data storage technologies in each (such as Shadow Copies in Windows Server), and provides near-term restoration from disk and long-term restoration from tape. New 2010 features include these:

Cloud restore capabilities. Building on an exclusive offer that first appeared in DPM 2007 SP1, DPM 2010 supports replicating data to an Iron Mountain vault, extending the previous disk and tape restoration capabilities.

Client support. For the first time, DPM also supports client-based data protection. And for laptops and other clients that might be disconnected from the corporate network, DPM 2010 can create local shadow copies to a reserved area of the disk, then protect the data on the server when a connection is established to the network. DPM 2010 supports 1,000 clients per server and works with both Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

DPM 2010 will ship alongside SCE 2010 on June 1. If you’re interested in deploying both, Microsoft is offering a new Essentials Plus License that combines a single client management license for each into a single, less expensive package. Otherwise, pricing and licensing for SCE 2010 and DPM 2010 haven’t changed.

Source of Information : Windows IT Pro June 2010

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