Tuesday, June 29, 2010


YAMON is the boot loader used on MIPS development boards and is created and maintained by MIPS. Because YAMON is specific to MIPS development boards, it’s rarely rebuilt. The best thing to do is download the required binary from http://www.mips.com/products/system-software/yamon/. On this page is a link for the sources; to download them, you must register.2 YAMON is different in that it primarily uses S-records (frequently called SRECs) as its input format. An S-record file contains lines starting with the letter S (for “Start”), a number indicating the type of line, and the payload followed by a checksum. All the data in an SREC file is ASCII characters, making this format very easy to examine in a
text editor.

To download and run a kernel, do the following:

YAMON> load tftp:///

is the IP address of a host running TFTP, and
is the SREC to download. Notice that the there’s no load address in this command; that information is encoded into the
SREC file.

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