In addition to writing your own text, you may want to review and provide feedback on PDF documents other people have created. On the iPad, several apps offer comparable features. A few examples:

• iAnnotate PDF: This iPad app is a full-featured PDF reader with annotation capabilities. (Aji, $9.99)

• GoodReader for iPad: Mentioned numerous other times in this book, this all-purpose tool for transferring and displaying documents also lets you add notes and drawings to PDFs. (Good.iWare, $2.99)

• smartNote: This note-taking app, discussed in Take Notes, lets you use any PDF file as the “paper,” on which you can add free-form drawings, shapes, notes, and other annotations. (Christopher Thibault and Brendan Lee, $2.99)

• TakeNotes: Like smartNote, this iPad app lets you import a PDF (or JPEG or PNG graphic) and use it as the background for drawing and note-taking, and then save the resulting document as a PDF. (Kishore Tipirneni, $3.99)

Source of Information : TidBITS-Take Control of Working with Your iPad 2011


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