Saturday, March 25, 2017


A 5-inch mobile screen is handy for portability, but that small screen is far from optimal for many productivity tasks, such as writing a lengthy document or building a spreadsheet.
For those tasks, Windows 10 Mobile offers a feature called Continuum. Connecting the phone to a TV or external monitor requires new hardware specifically built for Windows 10 Mobile; the feature is not available on older devices that have been upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1. To make the connection, you need specialized hardware:

■ A wired dock, such as the Microsoft Display Dock, connects to the external monitor using an HDMI or DVI cable or an active DisplayPort to DVI cable. (Passive DisplayPort cables will not work, and VGA cables won’t work with video content.)

■ For a wireless connection, you can use a Miracast adapter connected to the HDMI port on the TV or monitor.

At this stage of development, only a few apps work with Continuum, including Microsoft Edge, Word, Excel, Photos, and Mail. An Office 365 subscription is required to access some features in the Office Mobile apps. A handful of third-party apps, including USA Today and Audible, also support the feature. The list of compatible apps should grow over time.

Source of Information : Microsoft Introducing Windows 10 For IT Professionals

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