Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brand your Windows XP PC with a custom logo

OEM vendors often dress up the System Properties screen with a custom logo and support information, giving prebuilt PCs an air of professionalism. Well guess what? You can add the same personal touch to your own machine in just a few easy steps. Open up any photo-editing program and create a 180x114-pixel image. Save the image as a bitmap and name it oemlogo.bmp, then place it in C:\Windows\System32. Next, create a Notepad fi le in the same folder and save it as oeminfo.ini. OEM resellers use this fi le to enter customer-support information, but you can write whatever you wish as long as you use the following format:

Manufacturer=Maximum PC
Model=Dream Machine

[Support Information]
line1=For even more great
tips visit

*.* Source of Information : March 2008 Maximum PC

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