Friday, April 4, 2008

COMODO FIREWALL PRO 3.0 The Best Free Firewall

COMODO FIREWALL PRO 3.0 With its well-thought-out set of protection levels, Comodo Personal Firewall Pro 3.0 can conform to the needs of any user, from novice to über-geek. It also has a sleek new interface and uses significantly less memory than its predecessor. Best of all, it’s free—not just for noncommercial use but for any use—and the company assures us that it will remain so indefinitely.

CPF handles all basic firewall functions. It protects the system against hack attack, controls which programs get Internet access, and resists malware-style assaults that attempt to shut it down. To reduce the number of confirmation pop-ups, it automatically allows nearly a million known-safe programs.

Acting much like the Zone Alarm Firewall feature, CPF proactive Defense+ protects critical system elements. The default Clean PC Mode treats programs already on the hard drive as trusted; all others get serious scrutiny. CPF properly blocked a dozen leak-test utilities, but legitimate software that exhibits similar behavior (such as some PC Magazine utilities) may also be blocked unless installed under a handy special mode that the firewall offers. Analyzing all of a program’s behaviors would help prevent such false positives, but CPF’s single-action behavior monitoring is a fine implementation.

Super-techie users can configure almost every aspect of the program’s behavior, but the average user doesn’t need to touch these advanced configuration options. Its versatility and tough protection make Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 our Editors’ Choice in free personal firewalls. —Neil J. Rubenking

*.* Source of Information : March 2008 PC Magazine

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