Sunday, April 13, 2008

Five Essential Office Add-ons

International Character Toolbar: Add this toolbar to Office to gain one click access to a palette of the most common specie characters used in the foreign language of your choosing. Warning: You may have to sign on to the Office Genuine Advantage program to get this add-oh.

Toolbar Toggle: Not thrilled with Office 2007's radical new "ribbon-design in Lieu of good old menus and toolbars? Toolbar Toggle restores the2003 suite's arrangement. A single-user license costs $20 after a free five-day trial.

Word Frequency Count: This shareware application (full name: Word Frequency Count in Multiple Text &HTML Files) adds up the number of times that every word occurs in multiple text, HTML and Word documents. Unlocking the full utility will cost you$30.

Remove Hidden Data: You probably sometimes receive files filled with embarrassing "track changes” information and personal data that the creator accidentally left in. Don't be that person yourself. Thank Microsoft far this free add-in.

ClearType Tuner: Part of the Windows XP PowerToys suite (and available in an online version as well), this add-on gives you fine-grain control over how fonts look on your LCD screen. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference a slight alteration in font thick-ness and smoothing can make on your eyes.

*.* Source of Information : April 2008 PC World

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