Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SUSE Linux

SUSE (pronounced SOO-zuh) is a Linux operating system owned by Novell, Inc. SUSE stands for the German phrase Software- und System-Entwicklung (meaning Software and System Development). Its roots come from Slackware Linux, and SUSE officially became an independent Linux distribution in 1996 when SUSE released its first version: 4.2. SUSE was, and remains, one of the most popular Linux distributions in Europe. In November of 2003, Novell acquired SUSE and put corporate drive behind the project.
Today SUSE comes in three editions:

• SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) became the commercial, subscription based Linux operating system produced by Novell, Inc. The goal was to provide an enterprise-ready desktop environment, offering support, training, documentation, hardware certification, and other products to support SLED customers.

• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server edition, which focuses on server use rather than desktop use.

• openSUSE, an open source version of SUSE Linux without proprietary software or the support options of the enterprise Novell offerings, was launched by Novell in 2005. openSUSE is a community-driven operating system that is distributed for free (as is) and has become known for its hardware support and stability.

Source of Information : Wiley SUSE Linux Toolbox 1000 plus Commands for openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise

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