Monday, October 6, 2008

Installing RealPlayer in Ubuntu

Installing RealPlayer involves adding a new software repository and then using the Synaptic Package Manager to download and install RealPlayer. The software repository is hosted by Canonical, the company that’s the chief sponsor and director of Ubuntu, as a method of providing some useful proprietary extra software

The below are the steps installing RealPlayer in Ubuntu

1. Click System -> Administration -> Software Sources.

2. When the Software Sources window appears, click the Third-Party Software tab.

3. Put a check alongside the first entry in the list, which should read hardy partner. Then click Close.

4. You will see a dialog box informing you that the information about available software is out-of-date. Click the Reload button. Once this has completed, the Software Sources dialog box will close automatically.

5. Open the Synaptic Package Manager (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager) and click the Search button. Search for realplay. In the list of results, click the check box alongside the package, and click Mark for Installation. Click the Apply button on the toolbar. Close Synaptic.

6. Click Applications -> Sound and Video -> RealPlayer 10 to start the RealPlayer setup program. Click the Forward button several times to move through the license agreement and information screens.

7. Eventually, you’ll be asked if you want to check for updates and configure Mozilla helpers. Ensure both boxes are checked and click OK.

8. RealPlayer will start. You can use it or close it.

Source of Information : Apress Beginning Ubuntu Linux 3rd Edition

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