Friday, January 30, 2009

Customizing the GNOME Panel - Adding Amusing Applets to the Panel

The GNOME Panel not only allows you to add very functional utilities, but it allows you to add quite seemingly useless amusements as well. In this part of the project, we will be adding two such amusements: Geyes and a little fish called Wanda.

At first glance, Wanda does little more than bat her tail around and spurt out a bubble or two. However, if you click on her, a window pops up in which Wanda will spew out quotes and offbeat one-liners.

To get a glimpse of Wanda in action, limited though that action may be, but I’ll run through them one more time:

1. Right-click any open space on the top panel.

2. From the popup menu, select Add to Panel, after which the Add to Panel window will appear.

3. In that window, click Fish once to highlight it, click the Add button, and then click Close.

Wanda will now appear on your panel, so go ahead and give her a click to see what she has to say.

Now you can add Geyes, which is a pair of eyes that follows your mouse cursor around as it moves about your desktop. Follow the same procedure, but click Geyes instead of Fish in step 3.

Source of Information : Ubuntu for Non-Geeks (2nd Ed)

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