Friday, February 6, 2009

The Ubuntu Community - Contribute

Under the Contribute category, community members can work in any of four areas. Development is for those wishing to submit software code to the project, test the software, or debug the existing code. This makes up the central part of the software creation and is one of the most important jobs a community member can undertake. There are some paid bounties that programmers can take on in this area where from $100 to $500 is paid to the person who finds a working solution to the problem. Those who are not strong coders can also submit ideas for other programmers to work on that can help make Ubuntu a better operating system.

For those with a flair for words, the documentation team is always looking for help in writing the Ubuntu system documentation or contributing to the Ubuntu Wiki. In addition to writing the actual content, community members can review text for grammatical errors and follow written instructions to ensure they make sense and work as they are supposed to.

One of the greatest tasks a community member can take on is to provide support to other community members through questions asked in the forums or on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels dedicated to Ubuntu. Questioners range from beginners looking to get Ubuntu up and running properly, to advanced users who are looking to implement Ubuntu solutions in their corporate networks. Answers to many questions and problems are found in these forums for other users to read as well.

The fourth area of the Contribute category is artwork. Skilled graphic artists submit not only logo ideas, but also other graphics used in the desktop interfaces offered by Ubuntu including icons, desktop backgrounds, and the themes that give individual Ubuntu users the ability to configure the look of their desktop environment.

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