Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Fridge

The Fridge ( is the young, quirky, community portal for Ubuntu. In many Western cultures, refrigerators provide a central sort of "bulletin board" in a family's home. Because refrigerators are magnetic, children and parents can use magnets to hang pieces of paper that they want to share with the community of people who come in contact with that fridge. For children, this often includes good grades, news reports, or other information that someone is proud of or wants to share. The Fridge, bearing the tag line, "It's fresh. It's cool. Stick it on The Fridge!" tries to create such a shared resource within the Ubuntu community.

The Fridge is perhaps best described as the community portal for Ubuntu. It is part news site, part grassroots marketing and advocacy site. It hosts developer interviews, news, a picture gallery, a calendar with a list of upcoming events, polls, a list of Ubuntu-in-the-press citations, and much more. The core content on the site is arranged as a Web log. Users frequently set The Fridge as their homepage or subscribe to the site via its RSS feed. The Fridge is unique in the community in that it appeals to a wide variety of different Ubuntu participantsdevelopers, advocates, translators, usersand provides a venue where each group can share information with others. There is a story every two to three days on The Fridge, although this may increase to up to several stories a day with time. Users can comment and discuss each story on The Fridge in an associated forum in the Ubuntu Forums.

Anyone can contribute content to The Fridge. If you would like to contribute, you can do so by sending your suggestion for features, articles, or even a piece of original work (such as an article, photo, or event review) to The Fridge Editors at

Source of Information : The Official Ubuntu Book

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