Friday, October 9, 2009


It is hardly surprising that most of the Ubuntu community is highly geared toward gathering and distributing information and communication about Ubuntu. Of course, before the Ubuntu community is a group of people working on the project of building, supporting, and spreading a GNU/Linux distribution, it is a first a group of people. For the Ubuntu community to really feel like a community, its members should have some idea of what other members are up toboth in their Ubuntu work and in their life that extends beyond Ubuntu.

Planet Ubuntu ( tries to capture this element of the Ubuntu community. Planet is Web log aggregator and can be thought of as a blog of blogs. Planet retrieves the latest journal or Web log entries from Ubuntu members who have chosen to add their content to the system and then publishes a single Web log that includes, in reverse chronological order, all of the latest entries. Much of the content in Planet Ubuntu is about Ubuntu. Sometimes this is because members choose to include only those entries that directly pertain to Ubuntu. Others publish everything from their life, including things that may not directly pertain to the project. Often, it also includes information from the personal lives of community members so that the community knows what its members are up to. In this way, Planet provides a good way for participants to put their stamp on the Ubuntu communityboth technically and nontechnically.

Source of Information : The Official Ubuntu Book

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