Friday, November 6, 2009

Advantages of Google Docs

Using online apps has many advantages. First, you’re never bound to your PC. Google gives access to your docs anytime you need them from any computer in the world through any Internet connection. Second, Google Docs is platform independent, which means you can work on a PC or Mac with equal ease. Third, there’s no software to install because Google Docs works inside a Web browser. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari provide the support necessary to use Google Docs.

Here’s a list of six additional advantages that we detail in the pages that follow:

• Docs are easy to launch, easy to use, and secure your files in Google’s massive data centers.

• Innovative search and folder naming schemes in the Docs Home ensures that you’ll never misplace a doc, spreadsheet, or presentation again.

• A single-document approach (that is, singledocumindedness) empowers superb sharing, team collaboration, and revision control.

• Online publishing to Sites and blogs makes docs a key part of your communications strategy.

• Seamless conversion and support for other file types throws docs into the mainstream.

• The ability to work offline presents you with powerful new ways to work.

You can launch Docs Home in several ways:
• Enter a Web address: You can start your Google Docs directly from the Web by clicking the address bar and entering docs followed by your partnered domain name.
• Google Account users: Enter and log into your Google account.
• Team, Standard, Preferred, and Education Edition Users: Enter or For example, or Log into your Docs account.

• Use a Start Page gadget: You can launch Docs conveniently from a gadget on your Start Page. To add a gadget, follow these steps:
1. Click the Add Stuff link near the top left of the Start Page.
2. Click the Add It Now button below the Google Docs option. (While you’re here, you may as well add a gadget for your Gmail and Calendar apps!)
3. To return to your Start page, click the Back to Homepage link on the top left of the Add Stuff screen. After you add your gadget, click the Google Docs link at the top of the gadget. This takes you directly to the Docs Home screen. The gadget gives you one-click access to a half dozen of your most-recently opened files in a short list. There’s also a link to create new docs. Look closely and you notice there’s even a search box. If the document you need does not appear in the list, click the All Docs link and go directly to the Docs Home.

• Click the Documents link from other open Google Apps. Regardless of which Google App you’re using, if you peer at the upper-left corner, you can see a series of links. Click the Documents link to go straight to your Google Docs Home.

Your Docs account is protected by your login and password, just as they are on any other network. You can use the same login and password for all of your online Google Apps: Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Picasa, you name it. Click the Sign In link and input your secret password.

If your computer crashes and your hard drive dies, your files are still safe online. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can access your files. You can even access your Google Docs from your smartphone browser as long as your phone account supports a higher-speed connection to the Internet.

If you can’t use your computer, you can use any other computer that happens to be lying around and log into your private Google account online. Even if you login to your account from someone else’s computer, you won’t sacrifice your security if you sign out properly at the end of your session. However, you should beware of one thing when using a computer other than your own; never click the Remember Me on This Computer check box. Save this convenience for your personal computer.

Google is constantly making improvements to Docs. The software is constantly being updated, but for the most part, you hardly notice. Because Google Docs is Web based, the most recent version of the software loads instantly. There’s nothing for you to install. In fact, Docs is in a constant state of improvement.

Source of Information : Google Sites and Chrome FOR DUMMIES

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