Thursday, December 24, 2009

Apple iPod nano (5th generation)

New Nano is Better Than Ever

Remarkably, the latest iPod nano looks almost identical to its predecessor, but this player packs so much more into its small frame: A video camera, an FM tuner (a first for iPods!), a pedometer for joggers, and a larger screen. Priced at $149 for 8GB and at $179 for 16GB ($20 less than last year’s 16GB player), this nano is more affordable and capable than any similarly priced player out there—a hands down Editors’ Choice. Aside from seven bright new colors, the new nano’s body is otherwise identical to the 4th-generation device. The screen, however, is significantly larger—2.2 inches as opposed to 2 (it may not sound like a lot, but on such a tiny player, that 0.2 inch makes a big difference), with a slightly higher resolution. The included earbuds act as an antenna for the new FM radio—finally.

The big news here is the inclusion of a video camera, a mic, and a built-in speaker on the back panel. Nonetheless, video capture was crisp and vibrant (despite the low 640-by- 480 resolution), rivaling footage from mini camcorders. You can even choose from 15 effects, such as Sepia, Film Grain, and even Thermal and X-Ray. Unfortunately, the camera can’t capture still images and the mic isn’t great. Even so, no other media player has built-in video. While the iPod touch has seen many challengers, the nano doesn’t have a serious enemy. Nothing else in this price range comes close to its ease-of-use and graceful design.

Apple iPod nano (5th generation)
16GB, $179 direct; 8GB, $149

Pro s : Built-in video camera, mic, and speaker. Larger display, but same-size frame as previous- gen nano. Excellent user interface. New Genius Mix feature. Adds an FM tuner and a pedometer.

Con s : So-so file support. Video camera can’t capture still images. Ships with Apple’s signature subpar earbuds.

Source of Information : PC Magazine 2009 11

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