Saturday, January 16, 2010

Scanning a Document in Ubuntu

Now that you have XSane set up to use your scanner, you’re ready to start scanning documents and saving them on your workstation. Here are the basic steps to scan and save a document:

1. Start XSane from the Panel menu (Applications -> Graphics -> XSane Image Scanner).

2. Place the document you want to scan in your scanner. Some scanners use an autofeeder, while others (known as flatbed scanners) have you place the document on the glass scanning surface and close the cover.

3. Click the Acquire Preview button in the Preview window of the work area. The preview function performs a low-resolution, quick scan so you can determine the basics of how the scanned image will look.

4. Select a mode for the scan in the Main window. XSane allows you to scan a document to a file, to a printer, to a fax program, or to an email message.

5. Make any necessary adjustments to the color settings in the Main window and, if you don’t want to scan the entire document, select the area to scan in the Preview window. The XSane application provides many settings for customizing the scanning process.

6. Click Scan in the Main window of the work area. The Scan button performs the scan as determined by the settings in the Main and Preview windows. When the scan completes, the scanned image appears in a new Viewer window.

7. In the Viewer window, click either File ➪ Save Image from the menu bar, or the green Disk icon at the upper-right corner of the window. Select the file type to use when saving the file. XSane supports JPG, PDF, PNG, PNM, PostScript, TXT, and TIFF file types.

8. Repeat the process to scan a new document, or close XSane by selecting File ->
Quit from the Main window menu bar.

Now that we’ve walked through scanning a document, let’s take a closer look at the various windows and features available in the XSane work area.

Source of Information : Wiley Ubuntu Linux Secrets

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