Saturday, February 13, 2010

Criminals target social sites

CYBER CRIMINALS WILL make more use of social-networking sites such as Facebook and Bebo this year to launch attacks and spread malicious software, security companies have warned. As 2009 ended, they predicted that hackers will release more malicious software using rootkits and other covert methods to avoid detection by security software. Security firm Kaspersky said file-sharing services could become increasingly popular for launching attacks, after they were used to spread several infections last year. Joseph Souren, vice president of internet security at security company CA, said: “It is a cat and mouse game. Cybercriminals are evolving and are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit.” However, one of last year’s most popular scams, deceiving people to download fake anti-virus tools, could become less effective as more people become aware of it. Such software presented users with fake scan results and bogus warning messages in an attempt to steal bank details collect payment for a fake security product or install other malicious software. “The fake antivirus market has been saturated and profits for cybercriminals have fallen,” Kaspersky said. But Symantec said that criminals have not completely finished with anti-virus-related fraud. It has noted more sites selling legitimate, but free, anti-virus software such as AVG. “Consumers are still being ripped off paying for software they can get free,” the company said.

Source of Information : Computer Active Issue 310 January 7 2010

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