Saturday, February 6, 2010

How do I transfer my old Outlook Express inbox to a new PC?

HOW YOU MOVE your inbox depends on the version of Windows it’s moving to. I’ll focus on moving from XP to Vista; for details on how to go from one XP system to another or from XP to Windows 7, see First, you must copy your old PC messages. In Outlook Express, select Tools¨Options. Click the Maintenance tab, and then the Store Folder button. The resulting Store Location dialog box has a fi eld containing a folder path (probably starting with ‘C:\Documents and Settings...’). Select this entire path by clicking inside it, pressing , and then pressing -. With the entire path highlighted, press -C to copy it. Click Cancel twice to leave both dialog boxes. Be sure to close Outlook Express. Then select Start¨Run, press -V to paste that path into the Run box, and press .

A Windows Explorer window will open, showing the contents of your store folder—the one holding your mail. Click the Up Folder icon to move to that folder. Copy the folder (probably called ‘Outlook Express’) to an external drive, a shared folder, or other media. In Vista, launch Windows Mail, and select File¨Import¨Messages. Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6 as the program in the resulting Windows Mail Import wizard. Click the Browse button, find and select the Outlook Express folder that you copied from your old PC, and click Select Folder. Complete the wizard’s remaining steps. To move the contents of your old inbox into your new one, click the Inbox folder inside the Imported Folder folder, press -A to select all the messages, and drag them to the real Inbox folder.

Source of Information : PC World December 2009

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