Wednesday, February 10, 2010

iPhone users are happier to micropay

Apple may have found the Holy Grail of computing – persuading web users to make micropayments to consume content – if a new survey’s findings are correct. The bad news for newspapers is that it could be harder to persuade customers to pay for news. According to the Olswang Convergence Survey, published by UK law firm Olswang, iPhone users are ‘amongst the heaviest users of digital content’ and are ‘also more willing than any other consumer to pay for a wide range of types of content’. The survey was conducted by Olswang and YouGov, which carried out an online poll of 1013 UK adults and 536 13-17-year-olds. If the survey’s findings are correct, Apple has found a way to make money from online digital content, rather than relying solely on online advertising, which few companies apart from Google have mastered. The survey found that iPhone users were ‘heavy users of services such as on-demand TV’: 19% of iPhone users watch it on their phones compared with 3% of the survey base. Interestingly, iPhone users are also heavier users of on-demand TV on their televisions at home: 37% of iPhone users compared with 26% of the survey base. Furthermore, Olswang found that 37% of iPhone users were interested in accessing on-demand TV on their phones in the future, compared with 11% of the overall survey base. Even more significantly, Olswang found iPhone users ‘demonstrated greater willingness to use micropayments and subscriptions to pay for access to a broad range of content’.

Source of Information : MacUser.January 2010

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