Saturday, February 20, 2010


40GB SSD KIT Gives a real speed boost, and includes all the parts and software you will need

Solid State Disks, or SSDs, are designed to replace harddisks in computers. Unlike harddisks, which have moving parts, they use the same type of memory as USB memory keys. At£75 Kingston’s 40GBSSDkit is the cheapest we have seen. The kit includes the disk itself, the cables and bracket needed to fit it into a desktop PC and a program that can copy the contents of your harddisk onto the new SSD. The benefit of anSSDis speed. We copied a new Windows 7 installation from harddisk to the SSD. With the harddisk the computer took 52 seconds to start, but the SSD took only 35 seconds.The speed for copying files increased by around 50per cent. It’s silent and with no moving parts should be more reliable than a harddisk. 40GBis not much space so this SSD would best be used to store Windows and programs, with files stored on a separate harddisk.

Contact: Kingston 01932 738888
Retail price: £75

Source of Information : Computer Active Issue 310 January 7 2010

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