Monday, February 15, 2010

Scandanavia and Slough not so slow

SCANDINAVIANSCAN signup for th eworld’s first commercial super-fast mobile broadband service. Dubbed4G (fourth generation) networks, download speeds can reach 100Mbits/sec–about 10 times that of3Gservices. OperatorTeliasonera, which launched the service in Stockholm and Oslo last month, said the service will open up new possibilities, including online gaming and web conferencing. UKoperatorO2 also plans to launch a limited trial to broadband customers in Slough.The networks use Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, which is considered the next major standard in mobile broadband technology and is designed to work alongside existing 3Gtechnology.

The only drawback is that no mobile handsets have been developed, so people in Norway, Sweden and Slough will initially have to access the service using a computer. But Samsung and LGare reportedly launching handsets capable of using the new networks
frommid to late2010. The equipment for the Stockholm4Gcity network has been supplied by Ericsson, while Chinese firm Huawei has supplied the adapters needed for Slough and Oslo. LTE, however, is on a roll and a further 17 networks are expected to go online this year in the US, Canada, Japan, Norway, South Korea, South Africa, Sweden and Armenia.

Source of Information : Computer Active Issue 310 January 7 2010

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