Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Electrons

Free Electrons started as a Linux training house by providing some of the best training materials freely available for embedded Linux engineers. The company has since branched out into providing embedded Linux consulting and training, along the lines of Embedded Alley. With its training heritage, Free Electrons focuses on helping its customers be good embedded Linux engineers, providing additional services where necessary. Free Electrons is very aggressive about making material and development work available to the open source community. Most of the training materials offered by the company are available for download free of charge. The materials include slides with comments and lab practice sessions. This wealth of information is offered without registration, which is refreshing and relieves you from using a throwaway e-mail address and fake phone number. Another interesting service that Free Electrons offers is taking the changes that your company may have made to Linux and supporting projects and getting them in shape for submission into the main development projects. Getting changes into the mainline of projects means that code will be supported with future releases of the software, so you won’t have to figure out how to get patches to apply when the base software has updated. This reduces the time and efforts involved in keeping patches synchronized with the larger open source community.

Source of Information : Pro Linux Embedded Systems

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