Thursday, April 15, 2010


MontaVista’s Linux operating system started as Hard Hat Linux that offered realtime performance. The company has branched out into serving the general embedded Linux market and has extended its product offerings through the addition of an IDE and other tools. MontaVista’s value proposition is around delivering a well-tested Linux distribution paired with support and tools. MontaVista has two targeted distributions: one for carrier grade for telecommunications applications, and the other Mobilinux for handsets. The company also markets a general-purpose Linux distribution, Professional Edition. Unlike Wind River, MontaVista’s focus is entirely on embedded Linux, and the company has embraced open source from its inception. The company regularly contributes to the Linux kernel (and, using number of changes contributed as a metric, is one of the top contributors to the Linux kernel project) and other open source initiatives, such as power management and special-purpose file systems. Although the software offered by MontaVista may lag behind that of the general Linux community by a year to 18 months so it can be tested and validated, the company has proven that it’s always working on the next version of Linux for its customers. A transaction with the company involves purchasing a subscription that gives you the right to a certain number of software updates, the use of tools, and support during the length of the engagement. During the sales process, it’s typical for MontaVista to sell services and training as well.

Source of Information : Pro Linux Embedded Systems

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