Thursday, April 8, 2010

Open Source Embedded Distributions

An ever-increasing number of projects build Linux distributions, to the point that building a Linux distribution is a rite of passage for engineers, like building a text editor was in years past. Linux distribution builders all work on the same basic principles: a kernel and group of packages are built according to a specification into a completed set of binaries suitable for deployment. Some distribution builders create a toolchain as part of the process, and others download a binary toolchain from a known location.

When you’re classifying these systems, the type of packaging system is a good first-order differentiator, because no matter how the system tries to shield you from the particulars, you eventually need to get familiar with this underlying technology. The most common packing system is a compressed tar file; that’s fortunate because this packaging technology is the lowest common denominator and is familiar to most engineers, Linux and otherwise.

Source of Information : Pro Linux Embedded Systems

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