Monday, June 21, 2010

Can I print wirelessly from my laptop?

Why bother attaching cables when you can just as easily print via your wireless network instead? If you have another computer in the house that is connected to the printer, then you can simply set the printer up as a shared device and it should show up on the network automatically. You can then use the network browser on your laptop to add the printer to your list of printers. However, if you don’t have another PC, then things are slightly more complicated. While many wireless routers may have a USB port on the back, many of them are designed for connecting portable hard drives, and not printers. Your router must explicitly support a printer connection in order for you to connect it. The good news is that manufacturers are recognising that more people want to print wirelessly, so this is becoming a standard feature on many new routers. If your router doesn’t have a printercompatible USB port, then you can buy an adapter, either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which plugs into your printer. Not all laptops have Bluetooth built in and the range is also limited to about 10m. However, companies such as Belkin ( offer both types of adapter.

Source of Information : Windows IT Pro June 2010

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