Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Using the Internet to Get Help

The Internet provides many helpful sites related to Linux. Aside from sites that offer various forms of documentation, you can enter an error message from a program you are having a problem with in a search engine such as Google (, or its Linux-specific version at Enclose the error message within double quotation marks to improve the quality of the results. The search will likely yield a post concerning your problem and suggestions about how to solve it.

Red Hat Web sites. The Red Hat and Fedora Web sites are rich sources of information. The following list identifies locations that may be of interest:

• Fedora documentation is available at

• Manuals for Red Hat Linux through Linux 9 and RHEL are available at

• Various types of support documents and support are available at (requires free registration).

• You can query the Red Hat Knowledgebase at

• The home pages for Fedora ( and RHEL ( have a wealth of information.

• Fedora/RHEL support forums are online discussions about any Red Hat–related issues that people want to raise. One forum is dedicated to new users; others to Apache, the X Window System, and so on. Go to to browse the lists. Another site that has similar, useful information is

• The Fedora/RHEL bugs database is available at Anyone can search the database. To submit new bugs or append to existing bugs, you need to sign up for a free account.

• Fedora weekly news is available at

• RHEL hardware help is available from the Red Hat hardware catalog at The hardware that Fedora supports is mostly a superset of that supported by RHEL.

Source of Information : Prentice Hall A.Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5th Edition

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