Thursday, July 29, 2010

Using Ubuntu on a Netbook

Beginning with Jaunty Jackalope (9.04), specialized version of Ubuntu has been created for netbook systems. Netbook computers are a class of low-end laptops. They are generally smaller, less powerful computers. Physically, they usually have smaller keyboards, smaller screens, and no CD or DVD drive.

While you would not want to run a multi-user or high-volume web server on a netbook, they are ideal for simple tasks when you are out of the office. For example, you can check e-mail, surf the web, do some basic word processing, and even occasionally develop software (like patching while on the road). Netbooks are also great for watching movies on airplanes.

Installing on a Netbook
Most netbooks include multiple USB connectors and usually have a slot for an SD Card or similar memory device. Since netbooks lack CD and DVD drives, all include the ability to boot from USB, SD Card, or other types of removable memory. Many also include the ability to boot from the network.

While there is a wide range of netbooks on the market, not all are supported by Ubuntu. While some work right straight out of the box, others may need you to manually install drivers or patches, and a few have completely unsupported hardware. Usually the issues concern sound, video camera, or network support.

Even though the netbook release is relatively new and still undergoing major revision changes (the Jaunty desktop looks very different from the Karmic desktop), the installation is one of the most painless processes I have ever experienced.

Before trying to use Ubuntu on a netbook, consult the list of supported hardware at

Source of Information : Wiley Ubuntu Powerful Hacks And Customizations

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