Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010

Paragon Software $49.95

Although most Linux boot disks will let you create and nondestructively resize partitions with drag-and-drop ease just like Paragon Hard Disk Manager Suite 2010, Paragon’s offering lets you do so much more, and with either an elegant GUI or intuitive wizard. Copy partitions from one drive to another? Wipe a partition according to military standards?

Copy hard disks to virtual machine images that are compatible with VMWare or VirtualPC? Back up a disk or partition to another drive, a set of optical discs, network drive, or FTP server? It’s all child’s play for Hard Disk Manager. Not only are all these features available directly from within Windows, but Hard Disk Manager can create rescue CDs based both on Windows PE and Linux, meaning that the chances are very high that your very new or very old hardware will be supported and that you don’t need a working Windows installation to restore your data.

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Source of Information : CPU Computer Power User November 2010

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