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Windows Server 2008 - Adjusting Quotas

When an auto apply quota is created on a folder, all new subfolders of that parent folder will inherit the quota. In some cases, it might be necessary to exclude a particular subfolder from the parent folder quota or to modify the quota of that particular subfolder. When this is necessary, an administrator simply needs to right-click the quota of the particular folder and select Edit Quota Properties. In the Quota Properties window, the quota can be disabled by checking the Disable Quota check box or the quota space limit can be adjusted.

Creating a Quota Template
When working with quotas, rather than defining the storage limits on each and every folder being issued a quota, an administrator can create a quota template and apply the template to the folder, simplifying the quota policy creation process. Within the quota template, the administrator can define the following:

» Amount of disk space of the quota—The administrator can define in KB, MB, GB, or TB the amount of space to be set as the quota for the template.

» Hard limit or soft limit—A hard limit does not allow a user to extend beyond the hard limit for storage, whereas a soft limit gives the user a warning they have exceeded the policy limit; however, it allows the user to continue to save files beyond the limit.

» Notification thresholds—When the storage limit nears or reaches the quota limit, a series of events can occur, such as the automatic generation of an email warning, event log entry, or a script can be executed.

To create a new quota template, click on the Quota Templates node beneath the FSRM console within the Server Manager File Services Role node, and perform the following steps:

1. Click on Create Quota Template in the Actions pane to open the Create Quota Template window.

2. Type in a name of the template—for example, 500mb Hard Limit for Sales—and enter a label of Quota Template for Sale Staff Users.

3. Specify the storage limit for the quota; for this example, enter 500 and choose MB from the list.

4. Pick whether you want a hard limit or soft limit for the quota; for this example, select Hard Quota: Do Not Allow Users to Exceed Limit.

5. Create notification thresholds by clicking the Add button and defining limits. A common threshold is an 85% limit that notifies users via email that they have achieved 85% of their limit and to consider deleting files so they do not exceed their limit.

6. Click OK when you are satisfied with your settings.

The administrator can now create quotas and apply this template or other templates to the quota settings.

Source of Information : Sams - Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed (2010) 

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