Monday, May 28, 2012


Having started its innings as the greatest business-enabler, today IT is tending towards the significant factor and the facilitator of every aspect of human lives. Path-breaking and people-centric technologies (miniaturization, virtualization, federation, composition, collaboration, etc.) are emerging and are being experimented, expounded, and established in order to empower the professional and the personal IT to be smart, simple, supple and sensitive towards users’ situational needs and to significantly enhance peoples’ comfort, care, convenience and choice. Novel computing paradigms (grid, on-demand, service, cloud, etc.) erupt and evolve relentlessly to be greatly and gracefully impactful and insightful. In the monolithic mainframe era, one centralized and large system performed millions of operations to respond to thousands of users (one-to-many), today everyone has his own compute machine (one-to-one), and tomorrow a multitude of smart objects and electronic devices (nomadic, wearable, portable, implantable etc.) will seamlessly and spontaneously coexist, corroborate, correlate, and coordinate with one another dynamically with dexterity to understand one or more users’ needs, conceive, construct, and deliver them at right time at right place (many-to-one). Anytime anywhere computing tends towards everywhere, every time and everything computing.

Ambient intelligence (AmI) is the newest buzzword today with ambient sensing, networking, perception, decision-making and actuation technologies. Multimedia and multimodal technologies are flourishing in order to be make human interaction more friendly and fruitful. Dynamic, virtualized and autonomic infrastructures, flexible, integrated and lean processes, constructive and contributive building-blocks (service, model, composite, agent, aspect etc.), slim and sleek devices and appliances, smart objects empowered by invisible tags and stickers, natural interfaces, ad-hoc and situational networking capabilities all combine adaptively together to accomplish the grandiose goals of the forthcoming ambient intelligence days and decades. In short, ITsponsored and splurged smartness in every facet of our living in this world is the vision. Software engineering is on the right track with the maturity of service orientation concepts and software as a service (SaaS) model. Clouds chip in mightily in realizing the much-acclaimed knowledge era. Technologies form a dynamic cluster in real-time in order to contribute immensely and immeasurably for all the existing, evolving and exotic expectations of people.

Source of Information : Wiley - Cloud Computing Principles and Paradigms 2011 

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