Friday, February 3, 2017

Free Programs to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Speaking of prevention, anyone who is planning to surf the web, should make sure they have some security software installed BEFORE they go online. At the very least a good virus protection program should be running. The good news is there are great free programs to do just that!

Some of these programs you have to download from the internet, but if possible download from a secured computer, and then add to your new computer before you hit the net. It doesn’t take long for an unsecured computer to be attacked, especially if you are navigating some shadier areas
of the web.

If you must get on the net before you have protection - then make sure your first stop is getting one of the below anti-virus programs. Download, install and activate the anti-virus before you continue surfing!

Best Free Anti Virus Programs

1. AVG anti-virus protection - This software is simple to use and effective. The installation instructions are so easy that even a “non-techie” can do. It was also rated to be the top program when it comes to detection of threats as determined by independent testing laboratories. In addition, it can be used without slowing down your computer. Some of its features are e-mail scam protection, anti phishing and anti spyware.

2. Avast anti-virus protection - Another great program, this software claims to perform better than other paid anti-virus programs. It has the maximum protection for your computer and the technology it uses can be tailored by the user. It also provides a comprehensive filter and reliable website ratings. Its unique features are media player, root kit detection and built-in spyware.

3. Avira anti-virus protection - This software is not a resource hog and will perform just as well as most paid options. It does not have the capability to scan e-mails. With this, it is advised to run additional software for e-mails to complete your anti-virus protection.

NOTE: If you have a legit copy of Windows, then you can use Microsoft Security Essentials. In our opinion it is the best free anti-virus out there right now, and I would consider using it before most paid programs in fact. If you insist on a paid choice - then Kaspersky is the highest rated anti-virus in tech circles.

Other Free Web Security Programs

SpyBot Search and Destroy - This is a software tool designed to find spyware (and other types of malware) and destroy it. It does a great job of this. Even if you are getting a clean report back from the anti-virus program mentioned above, you could still be infested by spyware. Spyware can do a variety of nasty things, but at the very least it clogs and slows down your computer. This program will find it, and destroy it. A tool like this does require a bit of tech know how. If that worries you, don’t stress - just go to the site, read all the support docs and the FAQ. Doing that should
give you the knowledge required to safely use this powerful & helpful program.

Malware Bytes - This is the big gun. This is the program you turn to when NOTHING else will work. The free version does a great job of removing spyware and viruses. One of the benefits of this program is it has a much better chance of running properly on an infected computer, than other
programs. Again, make sure you read up and learn how to use it properly, if you do ever (regrettably) need to use it.

These 6 free programs are a great first defense for anyone who is accessing the internet. Keep in mind, you only need one anti-virus running, and if it was up to us - it would be Microsoft Security Essentials. You can download and the spyware programs mentioned above, and manually use them

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