Monday, March 27, 2017

Data protection scenarios and challenges

The growth in data and the change in infrastructure deployments in datacenters is a multi-dimensional problem that IT professionals need to deal with in their organizations. The 2013 study by EMC also surveyed IT professionals across 800 organizations about their pain points around storage. The top two challenges articulated were (in order):

1. Managing data storage (79 percent of respondents)
2. Designing, deploying, and managing backup, recovery, and archive solutions (43 percent of respondents)

These challenges span across deployments—physical, virtual, private cloud, or public cloud. Data protection products need to adapt to new rules:
 Deal exceptionally well with exponential growth in data and management of data at scale.
 Provide innovative new ways of bringing down the per-gigabyte cost of storage.
 Thrive in a hybrid world for the immediate foreseeable future in enterprise IT.

Source of Information : Microsoft System Center

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