Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Windows 10 on phones and small tablets

As an IT pro, your first concern is probably about supporting Microsoft Windows 10 on desktop PCs and laptops. But the unification of the Windows 10 platform means that the operating system and the new universal Windows apps are designed to run on more than just PCs. For phones and small tablets, that means Windows 10 Mobile.

The version of Windows 10 that runs on mobile devices is built on the same core code as Windows 10 for traditional desktop and laptop PCs, and it runs the same universal apps, delivered through the same Windows Store, as its desktop counterpart.

Although the roadmap for this version of Windows 10 includes small tablets, that category exists only in theory today. You can install the Windows 10 Insider Preview for phones on devices like the Lumia 1520, which has a 6-inch screen and can easily act like a tablet. (In fact, phones with extra-large screens are sometimes referred to as “phablets” because of their ability to shift roles between phone and tablet.)

The signature feature of Windows 10 Mobile, called Continuum, allows you to connect a mobile device to an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard to create an experience that is much like Windows 10 on a PC. Continuum leverages the Universal Windows Platform: Built-in apps such
as Mail, as well as the Office Mobile apps, work exactly as they do on a Windows 10 PC.

Source of Information : Microsoft Introducing Windows 10 For IT Professionals

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