Saturday, April 8, 2017

SharePoint protection

At a high level, SharePoint consists of front-end web servers, a SharePoint configuration database, and SharePoint content databases. The main goal of protecting a SharePoint farm is to protect the content that is stored in the SQL Server content database, as well as the configuration of the SharePoint farm so that the SharePoint farm can be recovered in the event of a disaster, data loss, or corruption.

To protect a SharePoint farm, complete the following steps:

1.Install the DPM agent on the front-end servers and on each of the SQL Serverinstances that back the SharePoint farm. If the SQL Server instance is configured inAlwaysOn configuration, install the DPM agents on each of the servers that span theavailability group.

2.Configure the front-end server for SharePoint protection using theConfigureSharePoint cmdlet:
ConfigureSharePoint [-EnableSharePointProtection] [-EnableSPSearchProtection] [-ResolveAllSQLAliases] [-SetTempPath ]

3.Use the DPM console to create a new protection group and select the member serveras the front-end web server to be configured for protection.

Source of Information : Microsoft System Center

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