Monday, April 3, 2017

System Center integration

System Center is the Microsoft enterprise management suite, and the backup process is one of the key fabric management activities provided by DPM, which is included in this suite. As part of this integration, there is support for some scenarios that drive high customer value propositions:

 VM mobility, a key benefit of virtualization, creates management overhead to ensure all housekeeping activities, such as backup, continue to run seamlessly. DPM integrates with the Virtual Machine Manager to ensure it can perform initial discovery as well as ongoing tracking to ensure all scheduled backups continue to work seamlessly during and after migration scenarios.

 A central console that leverages System Center Operations Manager to manage and monitor multiple DPM servers. This is the recommended best practice to monitor backups in an enterprise environment, which typically has multiple DPM servers.

 A new reporting framework based on the Operations Manager data warehouse that collates alerting and monitoring data across multiple DPM servers and allows customers to create custom reports using simple SQL queries. A reporting monitoring management pack is available separately to set up the process of updating the data warehouse and some sample queries to generate a sample dashboard. Since de-duplication is done at the Windows File Server level, a separate file server management pack is available that integrates to provide de-duplication savings on the backup storage. This is a fundamentally different approach, where all monitoring data is documented and updated in the Operations Manager data warehouse on a regular basis so IT administrators can generate custom reports very easily.

Source of Information : Microsoft System Center

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