Monday, October 23, 2017

Installing and configuring DPM and Azure Backup

When the VM is ready, download and install DPM. Complete the following steps to get a fully equipped version of the software up and running.

1.An evaluation version of System Center can be downloaded from the TechNetEvaluation Center at Run the Upgrade Wizard along with the product key to move to a fullversion.

2.Follow the steps outlined in the TechNet documentation for installing DPM, found at

3.Ensure that the backup storage is correctly recognized and used by DPM. Click theManagement tab at the bottom-left corner. Click the Disks link in the left pane. This opens the list of disks that form the backup storage pool. On the menu bar at the top,click Add to start the workflow necessary to use the attached Azure disks as the backup storage.

4. Ensure that the Azure Backup Agent is downloaded and installed. Ensure that the agent is configured to send data to the Azure Backup vault and that the appropriate scratch space is also provisioned in DPM.

Source of Information : Microsoft System Center

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