Monday, December 4, 2017

Building hybrid mobile apps based on HTML/JavaScript

Using Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developers can take advantage of the skills they developed while
building websites and apps to create mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows with Apache
Cordova. Most developers achieve nearly 100 percent code reuse while using the Cordova shared
JavaScript API to access native device options such as cameras, calendars, and other hardware

A Cordova app is composed of the same HTML/JavaScript/TypeScript code that you can compile for
each platform (iOS, Android, and Windows).

Developers have the freedom to select their favorite JavaScript and controls frameworks that can
integrate with Visual Studio. The range of advantages and tooling enhancements with particular
patterns and frameworks includes the following:

 UI controls, like those provided by Ionic. Ionic 2 is built on AngularJS 2 (from Google), which uses TypeScript (from Microsoft). Developers get full IntelliSense and build support for TypeScript- and JavaScript-based apps.

 Visual Studio provides powerful, cross-platform development features provided in the IDE, such as emulators, device deployment, and debugging against emulators or tethered or remote devices.

 Scale to complex enterprise apps through optional TypeScript support.

 Visual Studio based on NPM acquires and installs all the necessary components (plug-ins and frameworks) required to build and maintain up-to-date Cordova-based mobile client apps.

 Visual Studio contributes heavily to the Cordova platforms and plug-ins, raising its quality and robustness.

 Visual Studio includes references to core Cordova plug-ins that are matched to the Cordova
platform version for the enterprise.

 For iOS apps development, Visual Studio integrates with a remote build agent to provide builds,
deployment, and debug.

 You can use Azure App Service Plugin and JavaScript libraries to connect to back-end systems and
connectors and to use mobile services.

 Interoperability and flexibility. Because Visual Studio utilizes regular Apache Cordova and web
technologies, your Cordova apps developed with Visual Studio can interoperate with any thirdparty
service or technology compatible with JavaScript consumption.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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