Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Creating custom LoB apps quickly by using Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps is a tool with which you can rapidly develop web and mobile apps that are
connected to existing enterprise data sources—without writing code. The product is built for those
closest to the business app development process today: analysts and specialists in lines of business as
well as the IT developers and system integrator partners they rely on for custom software needs. For
many teams today, the process of developing business apps is slow and costly, and the demand for
innovation far outstrips the capacity of developers and resources.

You can create simple business mobile apps targeting any mobile devices
(cross-platform) that are “code-less apps” composed by UI controls (with easy drag and drop) and
consume existing remote services (SaaS services, enterprise services or business systems).

Microsoft PowerApps changes the economics of custom software development. PowerApps Studio is
visually similar to Microsoft Office, providing a visual design environment that connects to a range of data sources that businesses already rely on, from Microsoft SharePoint Online, Salesforce, and
Dropbox, to Microsoft SQL Server and even custom APIs. Users can quickly build web- and mobileoptimized business apps that create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) records in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CRM systems, databases, and more. PowerApps also features a workflow automation tool that gives app creators the ability to initiate business processes and actions across their connected services, such as approval workflows or synchronizing records between systems.

PowerApps is ideal for a range of business app development projects. App creators can quickly
modernize legacy systems by connecting to those data sources and giving them a fresh web and
mobile UI. Other frequent projects include the delivery of mobile-optimized workflow forms, such as
site inspection apps or quote calculators, which are specific to a business process and can take
advantage of mobile features like cameras, pen inputs, and GPS location.

With PowerApps, IT developers can move much faster than they can in traditional development
environments. Likewise, business specialists can directly participate in the app development process
by applying their existing skills to manage screen layouts, colors, themes, and fonts, as well as creating dynamic interactions through Excel-like functions.

Following is a summary of the PowerApps service:

 An enterprise service for rapidly developing cross-platform business apps that run on the web,
iOS, Android, and Windows.

 Integration with enterprise systems and data connectors. Uses mobile services, such as
authentication and push notifications.

 Contains a workflow automation feature that makes it possible for app creators to initiate
business processes across their connected services.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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