Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Managing client mobile apps and devices

As part of Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Microsoft Intune provides organizations with the ability to manage mobile devices, PCs, and apps so that employees are productive and a company’s information remains protected.

 Mobile device management IT administrators use mobile device management to manage, monitor, and secure employees’ mobile devices. Intune supports MDM of iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. IT administrators can manage both personal and corporate devices, with users’ ability to enroll their devices and install apps with Intune via a company portal app. Using the Intune admin console, IT administrators can manage a variety of scenarios, including policies, corporate email, certificates, VPN, and many more device settings. They also can use Intune Conditional Access policies to control access to on-premises Microsoft Exchange email from mobile devices.

 Mobile app management MAM is typically used for deploying and managing employees’ apps. With Intune MAM, IT administrators can deploy and manage both store and internal company
apps, while ensuring that data remains protected in these apps through MAM policies configured
by the administrator.

Intune MAM also offers a variety of options for data protection. You can manage apps with and without MDM, making it possible for companies with BYOD devices to manage apps with little friction for their employees. You also can deploy MAM alongside third-party MDM providers with a goal to meet customers’ needs, regardless of where they are. In addition, IT administrators can manage a large ecosystem of MAM-compliant productivity apps, including Microsoft Office apps and third-party apps such as Adobe Reader and Box.

Developers can set up their mobile apps for MAM through Intune App SDK, which supports native iOS and Android, in addition to Cordova and Xamarin. IT administrators can also utilize an app-wrapping tool to configure compiled LoB apps for management. After an app has been set up for MAM, administrators can deploy a variety of policies to protect corporate app data, leaving personal data intact, to help ensure an uncompromised user experience.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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